Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway!

...Or my triumphant return!

So the premiere of Project Runway last night was a bittersweet moment in tv. Sweet because FINALLY the show is on Lifetime and I can watch it (i don't get bravo...) but bitter because now they're filming in L.A.. What is that about? My favorite part of the previous seasons (when i would camp out in my mom's apartment during marathons) was being able to watch them run around downtown and go in and out of Parsons. I can't deny that I felt a certain sense of superiority since I lived down the street from there for 9 months like 10 years ago (Rubin Hall '01!). But I am trying to focus on the fact that now I can watch the show in real time as opposed to a 12 hour stretch at the end of which I can barely remember my own name, let alone what show I'm watching.

Anyway, Project Runway did premiere last night. The designers moved into their fancy apartments, they did their champagne toast, where Heidi Klum pretends to be interested in all of their lives, and then they went on to their first challenge. The first challenge was the "Red Carpet Challenge," where each contestant needed to design a gown that would be worn on the red carpet, any red carpet. So after Tim Gunn (love him!) gave the designers their challenge he told them they had half an hour to sketch before their marathon fabric-buying session. At which point Ari (pronounced Airy, which is so fitting) proclaimed "What if you don't sketch?" Then she proceeded to wander around the work room doing handstands against the wall and "feeling the creative flow." She was bizarre.

And then of course there was the first breakdown of the show. Joey, who has tried out for the last 3 seasons, is finally here going for the win! But why didn't he make the previous three seasons? You might ask..."well, I know why I didn't make seasons 3 and 4. Its because I was a drug addict." So OF COURSE the show's first breakdown goes to the former meth addict without his usual "support system." He Wah-Wah-ed until Tim Gunn came out and basically told him to get over himself and get back to work. And what did Joey do? Made an amazing dress for the Red Carpet Challenge. A dress that Lindsay Lohan was salivating over by the end of the episode.

That's right, Lindsay Lohan made a guest judge appearance. Did you know that she designs clothes now? I can only imagine what her line looks like. I feel like its a lot about thongs and pasties, but who knows, maybe she's trying to turn over a new leaf. She did look like her old Hot self last night.

So in the end, Christopher, the no-design-school designer won the challenge, and Ari was out, after describing her red carpet look as something to be worn "at the 2080 vma's and she would also be accepting the Nobel Peace Prize the same night." Thankfully she's gone now, I'm not sure how much I could have handled.

And thankfully, as the fall season approaches, I've got something to blog about!

See you soon.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap - Jake the Superhero

Hello faithful readers (all 4 of you :-)

So Jake was the superhero last night. Swooping in save Jillian from certain heartbreak from Wes. Jake flew in (literally, in a plane), showed up at Jillian's hotel, and informed this poor, deluded girl that Wes does in fact have a girlfriend. THEN, he shocked me by announcing her name: Laurel. It was easier to believe that the guys were making up this "girlfriend" when we were just using a title, but now, she has a name and I think more of an identity. She feels more real to me and I was hoping she would feel more real to Jillian. However, Jillian is too wrapped up in the fact that Wes is so charming and dreamy and such a "bad liar." What she is failing to realize, or internalize, is that Wes is a musician, a performer. He has to be a good liar in some sense. Sadly, try as Jake did, he and his broad shoulders and hands-on-hips superhero pose, couldn't save Jillian from Wes' idiocy and she decided to keep him and get rid of Jesse instead.

I kind of saw the Jesse thing coming. I was thinking that at the end of the hometown dates the ones that would be left would be: Michael, Kiptyn, Wes, and Reid (though Reid is obviously next to go). Unfortunately, Ed threw a wrench into the mix by showing up and clawing past the other guys for a second chance at Jillian's heart. I have to admit that I was a little touched by Ed's gesture and I do think he has a shot of being in the final. However, I think that him showing up was the worst for Michael, and I was really starting to enjoy Michael. He was the most genuine of the guys and the one who really I was rooting for the most. You could tell how much he loved Jillian and how pure his intentions were. In the back of my mind I was thinking that the age thing might get in the way, but after watching them with his family I really thought that he would make it through to the next round. That's why I think the return of Ed affected him the most. I'm pretty sure Ed took Michael's spot.

Here's my prediction for the order the guys will leave in from now on. I actually have two options. One: Reid then Kiptyn, leaving Wes and Ed in the final. Or: Wes then Reid, leaving Ed and Kiptyn in the final.

This one's a nail biter, folks!

I'm starting to think I should have called this blog "Come On Jillian dot com." Summer tv is really not worth the energy it takes to sit upright and finish a review!

But I will bring myself to review NYC Prep tonight as I mourn the hiatus of Gossip Girl!

thanks for reading!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bachelorette Recap - Why Jake Went Home...

First of all, keeping a blog about tv during the summer is pretty challenging since nothing is new except for the stuff that no one watches. If you see something I might like, pass it along!

So Monday night on the Bachelorette was a big night for Jillian and the boys. They spent the whole episode on a fancy train. I think that they did this just so that they could have a shot of one of the guys left by the side of the train tracks as the train pulled away (poor Robby). I don't know about you, but I learned two things about Jillian this week: she doesn't like younger guys, and she doesn't like guys who tell her exactly how they feel to the point of desperation. Jake poured his heart out to Jillian, who promptly sent him packing as she did when Mike did the same thing a few weeks ago. I am sad that Jake was sent home, though even I can admit that the chemistry between them that was there on their first date has definitely dwindled. I think that he is actually "too perfect" for her. She needs someone a little bit scruffier, which is why I think that Kiptyn is definitely the front runner right now. And if its not Kiptyn it would be Wes, though I can't bring myself to acknowledge the possibility that Wes could be the one that Jillian chooses.

Wes showed his true colors to the camera on Monday night by talking about how he's "already made it through 6 episodes" and he can "taste the fame." I'm really hoping that after this show is done Wes is forced to march himself back into obscurity where he belongs. He is such an asshole, but at the same time he is playing his cards perfectly. He's not giving Jillian too much which is just making her want him even more. I mean, even Chris is like "Jillian, do you think Wes is here for the wrong reasons?" read: Jillian, he's here for the wrong reasons. But no, Jillian thinks he doesn't know how to lie and definitely cares for her. She needs to get it together quick, because by the looks of the boots in the final episode, this nasty cowboy has the possibility of riding off into the sunset with Jillian in tow.

Scenes for next week look especially dramatic (which probably means that they're going to be especially anti-climactic). Jake reappears to tell Jillian that Wes is the one with the girlfriend. Why Jake doesn't say that Wes is just doing the show for his carreer is beyond me. I think that would be equally offensive to Jillian, but no, they are fixating on this possible girlfriend who may or may not exist. Its so obviously a ploy from the producers and it makes me want to scream at the tv a little bit.

I think Michael is the next to go since he is so young and its obvious that she doesn't want that in the long term. After that, we'll just have to see.

Check back tomorrow for my review of the new season of The Real World (i'm telling you, its slim pickings!)