Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dawson's Creek Episode One

I know what you're thinking: "Dawson's Creek was on tonight and I missed it?! Curse my DVR!" But no, just me, sitting at home feeling nostalgic, decided to put in the first disc of the first season of Dawson's Creek and enjoy what I used to consider "classic television."

So I went back. Back to the days before Katie Holmes had Tom Cruise and a celebrity nickname, before Michelle Williams had Brokeback Mountain and a daughter named for my favorite Roald Dahl character, even before Joshua Jackson had Fringe, and James Van der Beek had oblivion and obsurity (poor James!). Dawson's Creek carried me through high school. It was around before the advent of reality tv. When The Real World was real and Fear Factor wasn't even a twinkle in some sadistic producer's eye. After watching the pilot episode of Dawson's Creek, I can't think of a single show that came after this in the same vein, none as good anyway. I mean, true, I am older now and not really in the habit of watching teen dramas (oh wait, i guess Gossip Girl counts...) but even still, to me, Dawson's Creek stands in a class of its own.

In the pilot our four main characters explore the beginnings of their sexual awakenings and what happens when boys and girls can't sleep in the same bed anymore because of their "breasts" and "genatalia." The writing on the show used to be criticized for being to far beyond how real teenagers talk. When I first started watching the show I didn't really see a problem. But now, after hearing the words transcendent and existential in the first five minutes, I wonder how any of us got through the episodes at all.

Another thing I noticed is that these kids are total nerds. Of course, this is probably why I related to deeply to the show as I myself was a big nerd in high school, but seriously! Dawson thinks that the mysteries of the universe are revealed in Spielberg movies and reveals to anyone who will listen about his lifes goals, dreams and fears. Even Jen, the fresh-and-new face from New York who he unloads on within a day of meeting her. This is where the show got a little bit too self aware for me and too expositional (did I just make up a word?)

And then there is Joey's constant need to connect everything that Dawson does back to his "perfect life." The two have a huge screaming match in the lobby of a movie theatre that is not about the fact that she is hopelessly in love with him, but that he has a perfect life? Way to lash out, Joey. You really showed him.

Though Joey does attempt the last word when, while explaining to Dawson why they can't be friends anymore asks him how often he "walks his dog," which is potentially the best euphemism for masterbation ever, but anyway. He can't answer causing Joey to run crying to her rowboat (which, incidentally was pulled by a rope because Katie Holmes was too weak to row herself down the creek) and fumble with the ropes to float off into the night. And then we hear Dawson, deliver the best line of the episode: "Joey! Usually in the mornings, with Katie Couric!" And the first time I heard it, I had the same moment of confusion as Joey, until I too broke into a tear filled smile. Tonight I just giggled a little bit at the memory.

As you can see, there was nothing on tv tonight, so I had to let my nostalgia get the best of me. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Bachelorette Recap! - What are the "wrong reasons"?

Last night was a pretty standard Bachelorette Episode. Mike, David and Juan were sent home. I think Mike was the biggest upset of the night, but at the same time, he was really laying it on thick, where Mark seemed to be taking things a little slower on their two on one date (still sounds dirty when I say it). Lest we forget that Mike was the one who put on a speedo and ran into the ocean all for a rose. I think he was there for the "wrong reasons." That reason being: attention. He was trying way too hard.

Can we talk about "wrong reasons" for a second? That phrase was this week's "Man Code." These guys have got to learn how to rephrase themselves. It is so obvious to everyone that Wes is there for these so called "wrong reasons." Jillian herself should have realized this when Wes sang his ridiculous song twice in a row for her to show how much "he cared." Also, just to make sure that the camera man caught the whole thing the first time. I mean, come on! I get that girls like bad boys, but this is ridiculous. He even gets less attractive the more we see him. Wake up, Jillian, he's using you for fame. This is a "wrong reason."

Another wrong reason is to want to date a girl for her feet. Which brings us to Tanner, who managed to keep feet (the word and Jillian's) out of his mouth for the entire 2 hours of the episode. Instead he had other boys names in his mouth, or at least on the tip of his tongue. After that little show to Jillian about "some people" he literally looked like he might pass out during the rose ceremony. It sucked that no one fessed up in the end. Maybe Tanner made it all up? He doesn't necessarily seem that bright... I thought he would be going home for sure since that is usually what happens when someone rats out the rest of the boys/girls. But no, Jillian wised up and sent David and Juan home. David for being angry and disrepectful, and Juan for being fake/slightly gay? Either way, the two of them needed to go at some point, so i'm glad that she did that.

There were some good guys last night though. Kiptyn is a definite front runner after Jake. Though I think Jake went down in Jillian's esteem last night when he got too hung up on the fact that he is "too perfect." I still think that Jake and Kiptyn will be there until the end, but Jake really needs to chill out and be a little more confident in his correctness for Jillian.

Other possible front runners are definitely Robby, Michael, and Reed. I say this only because, these are the names I remember this morning. Also, they're cute and Jillian seems to be entertained by them. Of course, If you look closely, I may have just named all the remaining guys, which would mean Jillian has one hell of a choice. Glad I'm not in her shoes (unless their the red boots from her date with Jake, in which case I'd LOVE to be in her shoes!)

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