Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bachelorette Recap - Why Jake Went Home...

First of all, keeping a blog about tv during the summer is pretty challenging since nothing is new except for the stuff that no one watches. If you see something I might like, pass it along!

So Monday night on the Bachelorette was a big night for Jillian and the boys. They spent the whole episode on a fancy train. I think that they did this just so that they could have a shot of one of the guys left by the side of the train tracks as the train pulled away (poor Robby). I don't know about you, but I learned two things about Jillian this week: she doesn't like younger guys, and she doesn't like guys who tell her exactly how they feel to the point of desperation. Jake poured his heart out to Jillian, who promptly sent him packing as she did when Mike did the same thing a few weeks ago. I am sad that Jake was sent home, though even I can admit that the chemistry between them that was there on their first date has definitely dwindled. I think that he is actually "too perfect" for her. She needs someone a little bit scruffier, which is why I think that Kiptyn is definitely the front runner right now. And if its not Kiptyn it would be Wes, though I can't bring myself to acknowledge the possibility that Wes could be the one that Jillian chooses.

Wes showed his true colors to the camera on Monday night by talking about how he's "already made it through 6 episodes" and he can "taste the fame." I'm really hoping that after this show is done Wes is forced to march himself back into obscurity where he belongs. He is such an asshole, but at the same time he is playing his cards perfectly. He's not giving Jillian too much which is just making her want him even more. I mean, even Chris is like "Jillian, do you think Wes is here for the wrong reasons?" read: Jillian, he's here for the wrong reasons. But no, Jillian thinks he doesn't know how to lie and definitely cares for her. She needs to get it together quick, because by the looks of the boots in the final episode, this nasty cowboy has the possibility of riding off into the sunset with Jillian in tow.

Scenes for next week look especially dramatic (which probably means that they're going to be especially anti-climactic). Jake reappears to tell Jillian that Wes is the one with the girlfriend. Why Jake doesn't say that Wes is just doing the show for his carreer is beyond me. I think that would be equally offensive to Jillian, but no, they are fixating on this possible girlfriend who may or may not exist. Its so obviously a ploy from the producers and it makes me want to scream at the tv a little bit.

I think Michael is the next to go since he is so young and its obvious that she doesn't want that in the long term. After that, we'll just have to see.

Check back tomorrow for my review of the new season of The Real World (i'm telling you, its slim pickings!)