Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway!

...Or my triumphant return!

So the premiere of Project Runway last night was a bittersweet moment in tv. Sweet because FINALLY the show is on Lifetime and I can watch it (i don't get bravo...) but bitter because now they're filming in L.A.. What is that about? My favorite part of the previous seasons (when i would camp out in my mom's apartment during marathons) was being able to watch them run around downtown and go in and out of Parsons. I can't deny that I felt a certain sense of superiority since I lived down the street from there for 9 months like 10 years ago (Rubin Hall '01!). But I am trying to focus on the fact that now I can watch the show in real time as opposed to a 12 hour stretch at the end of which I can barely remember my own name, let alone what show I'm watching.

Anyway, Project Runway did premiere last night. The designers moved into their fancy apartments, they did their champagne toast, where Heidi Klum pretends to be interested in all of their lives, and then they went on to their first challenge. The first challenge was the "Red Carpet Challenge," where each contestant needed to design a gown that would be worn on the red carpet, any red carpet. So after Tim Gunn (love him!) gave the designers their challenge he told them they had half an hour to sketch before their marathon fabric-buying session. At which point Ari (pronounced Airy, which is so fitting) proclaimed "What if you don't sketch?" Then she proceeded to wander around the work room doing handstands against the wall and "feeling the creative flow." She was bizarre.

And then of course there was the first breakdown of the show. Joey, who has tried out for the last 3 seasons, is finally here going for the win! But why didn't he make the previous three seasons? You might ask..."well, I know why I didn't make seasons 3 and 4. Its because I was a drug addict." So OF COURSE the show's first breakdown goes to the former meth addict without his usual "support system." He Wah-Wah-ed until Tim Gunn came out and basically told him to get over himself and get back to work. And what did Joey do? Made an amazing dress for the Red Carpet Challenge. A dress that Lindsay Lohan was salivating over by the end of the episode.

That's right, Lindsay Lohan made a guest judge appearance. Did you know that she designs clothes now? I can only imagine what her line looks like. I feel like its a lot about thongs and pasties, but who knows, maybe she's trying to turn over a new leaf. She did look like her old Hot self last night.

So in the end, Christopher, the no-design-school designer won the challenge, and Ari was out, after describing her red carpet look as something to be worn "at the 2080 vma's and she would also be accepting the Nobel Peace Prize the same night." Thankfully she's gone now, I'm not sure how much I could have handled.

And thankfully, as the fall season approaches, I've got something to blog about!

See you soon.