Monday, June 8, 2009

Bachelorette 6.8

I'm off for the night.

Full recap in the morning.



Bachelorette 6.8

Why is she thanking them? They didn't give her any information! WTF!

Reed with glasses is better than Reed with no glasses :-)

Oh Michael. I'm almost rooting for him.

Yay Jake!

TANNER!? I was SO not expecting that at all!!!

There is something so poetic about Juan and David being sent home on the same day! love it.

I don't know why David thinks someone did this to him. He threw himself under the bus.

Bachelorette 6.8 - the confrontation!

These dude are pussies. and i don't use that word lightly.

And Jake steps up, sadly he looks very short while doing it...

There is some serious language rolling around this show. I love when they all try and look manly.

Tanner looks like he might faint. Oh lord!

Oh David and his man code!

Bachelorette 6.8

I wish that chris wasn't so smug... he's such an ass.

I hope she's not heartbroken about someone who could be that much of a jackass.

Bachelorette 6.8

boys got punished. good work, jillian.

Bachelorette 6.8

Ok good, Tanner P is going to lay it out.

Hopefully he can keep his eyes off her feet long enough to tell her whats up.


I'm so glad that he told her. He's redeemed himself a little bit.

Bachelorette 6.8 - Jake again!

Jake! Nothing has cooled! Calm Down!!

He's making a really big deal about this. Is this really him? He is almost seeming fake a little bit.

I don't know what to make of him right now...

Bachelorette 6.8 - Wes


Hey guys, why can't we know what Wes has been saying?


I really hope that the guys call him out. He's awful. did i say that already?

Bachelorette 6.8

I hope Reed does not bad mouth the other Wes. While Wes is awful, Reed will look worse if he tells on him.

Bachelorette 6.8

So why did she send him home? if he's so sweet and nice?

ah, the cliche...good work, jillian. he is the one who is "too perfect" not Jake.

Bachelorette 6.8

Mark is totally right. Jillian is completely supposed to be selfish right now. SO selfish!

and on that note, the rose goes to...


Holy jesus!!!

i knew he was too desperate. Sometimes its just too much.

poor mike...

Bachelorette 6.8 - big risk big rewards

Mike seems desperate.

That's all.

Bachelorette 6.8

I think that Jillian needs to know that her future husband is not one of these two guys. And that will not change regardless of who she gives the rose to.

Bachelorette 6.8 -

Mike is kind of out there. He is like refusing to go home.

Why is Mark saying that he wants to move to Alaska with his new dog? That is not cute to a girl looking for love.

Someone should tell him...

Bachelorette 6.8 - helicopter again?

Seriously? Another helicopter? She should just buy one...

Mike is playing dirty, and I like it. And he doesn't feel bad about making mark play third wheel. He's just lie-telling.

Bachelorette 6.8

David? Gentleman? Good Luck.

Note to David: Stop talking about Jillian's ass. You are too comfortable. Don't call her breasts tits.

This is why she won't kiss you back.

Note to Jillian: He is disrespecting you. He needs to move along. You don't need to justify yourself to him.

Why is he so confident? Dick!

And why does he think she's into him?

He is so a "no-means-yes" guy.

Bachelorette 6.8

i love watching the first kisses. so awkward/cute! the boys look like nervous teenagers!

and...david needs to stop giving Jake advice. that's nonsense.

Bachelorette 6.8


He seems like such a nice guy! (she needs to fix her shirt...)

I love that he's willing to let her just explore a little bit. Though his exes thought he was perfect? he isn't? is he going to tell her why?

Is it really a curse to be too perfect? I don't know what to make of that...

Bachelorette 6.8

pop the champagne! i wonder how many bottles are consumed per season on this show...

I want a crab dumped on my table. LOVE IT!

Bachelorette 6.8

What is it with this show and helicopters?

Bachelorette 6.8

Michael is going on a one on one next week. calling it now.

Bachelorette 6.8

Robby's got "the secret."

and michael looks like my ex. not a fan.

Bachelorette 6.8

Curling is a weird game...what is the point of sweeping the ice? seriously? anyone?

Bachelorette 6.8

Curling for Jillian's attention? nice.

and I love how she is like, i'm sad I have to do this. Sweetie, you are so obviously not in control of this!

Bachelorette 6.8

Vancouver's pretty!

Bachelorette 6.8

Kiptyn's date is rivaling Jake's. uh oh! If I'm confused, I don't want to be her.

Bachelorette 6.8

Is that seriously Jillian's deck/sunroom? I hate/love her more.

Bachelorette 6.8

IF this were real life, Jillian and Kiptyn would be doing it

Bachelorette 6.8

You don't have to go after girls when you look like Kiptyn.

Bachelorette 6.8

This show is really 2 hours long...oy.

Its great the Kiptyn complemented Jillian's designs, since she is an interior decorator!

Cooking Dinner together is a skill. Especially if you're me and you're a control freak.

And Jillian is already drunk. Good work!

Bachelorette 6.8

I think that Kiptyn is right. He and Jillian do seem like they could be good friends...who make out.

Bachelorette 6.8

I love the jacket that Jillian was wearing when she an Kiptyn met up. She wore it on the Bachelor and i think it looks great on her!

Can we briefly discuss how these people are supposed to fall in love after essentially one date...hmmm.

I HEART kayak kissing!!!

I think Juan is right about David. If he left the house everything would be a little bit happier.

Also, Jake is totally the man for Jillian. Okay, I'll stop now.

The Bachelorette 6.8

We seem to be off to a decent start. I'm still enjoying Jake, even though theyre making it seem like he might not get the rose. That's crap, but as i've said: NO CONTEST.

Anyway, I'm excited to see Jillian and Kiptyn one on one. And I like that he seems like a good guy. I think she's been into him since the beginning.

We'll See!!

Bachelorette 6.8

Jake thinks that Jillian is looking for a nice guy...and yet Wes is still there...

Bachelorette 6.8 - hot tub

If one more person mentions a hot tub...leave the poor girl alone. She was obviously wasted and felt the need to straddle Jason...we've all been there.

The Bachelorette 6.8

2 on 1 date...sounds dirty!

and why are we excited to go to Vancouver? its cold there...

Tonight! On the Bachelorette!

And Chris recaps the episode for the first 10 minutes (no wonder this show is 2 hours every week!)

Um, I totally forgot about Brad's awkward kiss at the film set. GROSS

and speaking of gross...


I forgot about Kiptyn! he's definitely a front runner!

Last Week on The Bachelorette!

Last week was all about David's obsession with man-code and kicking Juan's ass while Tanner P continued his nastiness involving Jillian's feet (I'm still trying not to vomit when I think about it...blech!). I keep thinking about poor Jillian in all of this. She's going to watch this back one day (or, tonight like the rest of us) and be totally disgusted by what some of the guys were doing/saying while they were on the show. Of course, she'll be married to Jake by then, so none of this nonsense will really matter.

Jake was totally cut out of the tv frame last week. I'm pretty sure that the producers are trying to shake us off the scent since he and Jillian had the best date ever the week before (I'm still trying to find a way to get her red boots from that episode shipped to me from Aldo Canada, but no luck yet). I know that she's going to pick Jake at the end because the rest of the guys are total idiots. There is literally no contest, which is why the producers are just hiding Jake away until, like, 3 weeks from the end until we're down to just him and whatever other idiot is still left. God, I'm excited.

This week its going to be revealed that some of the guys have girlfriends! ::GASP:: And in the preview Jake gets all huffy and says that the guys need to "fess up, because he's here for Jillian..." Or something heroic like that. I love him. Did I mention?

So we'll just have to see this week. I'm hoping for Tanner P and David's exit, but I have a feeling the producers, I mean Jillian, will keep them both around for a few more weeks at least, just for the drama.

See you during the show!


Welcome to Talking to the TV

Hello All!

Last night while watching the Tony's and reading the live blogs and status updates on facebook, twitter, and the new york times (yes, all at the same time) I decided to join the fun. So for all of you getting my updates on your newsfeed last night, I apologize. Thankfully, I've created a new forum for myself.

My plan for this blog is to live blog my favorite tv shows. This will probably be challenging over the summer when all of my shows are on hiatus (bastards!), but it will also be great practice and allow me to flex my writing muscles for the fall.

So I hope that you'll allow me to share my ramblings with you through episodes of Law and Order, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, and everything else that can hold my attention for 30-60 minutes. If not, you know I'm having fun.

See you tonight at 8 for The Bachelorette!