Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway!

...Or my triumphant return!

So the premiere of Project Runway last night was a bittersweet moment in tv. Sweet because FINALLY the show is on Lifetime and I can watch it (i don't get bravo...) but bitter because now they're filming in L.A.. What is that about? My favorite part of the previous seasons (when i would camp out in my mom's apartment during marathons) was being able to watch them run around downtown and go in and out of Parsons. I can't deny that I felt a certain sense of superiority since I lived down the street from there for 9 months like 10 years ago (Rubin Hall '01!). But I am trying to focus on the fact that now I can watch the show in real time as opposed to a 12 hour stretch at the end of which I can barely remember my own name, let alone what show I'm watching.

Anyway, Project Runway did premiere last night. The designers moved into their fancy apartments, they did their champagne toast, where Heidi Klum pretends to be interested in all of their lives, and then they went on to their first challenge. The first challenge was the "Red Carpet Challenge," where each contestant needed to design a gown that would be worn on the red carpet, any red carpet. So after Tim Gunn (love him!) gave the designers their challenge he told them they had half an hour to sketch before their marathon fabric-buying session. At which point Ari (pronounced Airy, which is so fitting) proclaimed "What if you don't sketch?" Then she proceeded to wander around the work room doing handstands against the wall and "feeling the creative flow." She was bizarre.

And then of course there was the first breakdown of the show. Joey, who has tried out for the last 3 seasons, is finally here going for the win! But why didn't he make the previous three seasons? You might ask..."well, I know why I didn't make seasons 3 and 4. Its because I was a drug addict." So OF COURSE the show's first breakdown goes to the former meth addict without his usual "support system." He Wah-Wah-ed until Tim Gunn came out and basically told him to get over himself and get back to work. And what did Joey do? Made an amazing dress for the Red Carpet Challenge. A dress that Lindsay Lohan was salivating over by the end of the episode.

That's right, Lindsay Lohan made a guest judge appearance. Did you know that she designs clothes now? I can only imagine what her line looks like. I feel like its a lot about thongs and pasties, but who knows, maybe she's trying to turn over a new leaf. She did look like her old Hot self last night.

So in the end, Christopher, the no-design-school designer won the challenge, and Ari was out, after describing her red carpet look as something to be worn "at the 2080 vma's and she would also be accepting the Nobel Peace Prize the same night." Thankfully she's gone now, I'm not sure how much I could have handled.

And thankfully, as the fall season approaches, I've got something to blog about!

See you soon.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap - Jake the Superhero

Hello faithful readers (all 4 of you :-)

So Jake was the superhero last night. Swooping in save Jillian from certain heartbreak from Wes. Jake flew in (literally, in a plane), showed up at Jillian's hotel, and informed this poor, deluded girl that Wes does in fact have a girlfriend. THEN, he shocked me by announcing her name: Laurel. It was easier to believe that the guys were making up this "girlfriend" when we were just using a title, but now, she has a name and I think more of an identity. She feels more real to me and I was hoping she would feel more real to Jillian. However, Jillian is too wrapped up in the fact that Wes is so charming and dreamy and such a "bad liar." What she is failing to realize, or internalize, is that Wes is a musician, a performer. He has to be a good liar in some sense. Sadly, try as Jake did, he and his broad shoulders and hands-on-hips superhero pose, couldn't save Jillian from Wes' idiocy and she decided to keep him and get rid of Jesse instead.

I kind of saw the Jesse thing coming. I was thinking that at the end of the hometown dates the ones that would be left would be: Michael, Kiptyn, Wes, and Reid (though Reid is obviously next to go). Unfortunately, Ed threw a wrench into the mix by showing up and clawing past the other guys for a second chance at Jillian's heart. I have to admit that I was a little touched by Ed's gesture and I do think he has a shot of being in the final. However, I think that him showing up was the worst for Michael, and I was really starting to enjoy Michael. He was the most genuine of the guys and the one who really I was rooting for the most. You could tell how much he loved Jillian and how pure his intentions were. In the back of my mind I was thinking that the age thing might get in the way, but after watching them with his family I really thought that he would make it through to the next round. That's why I think the return of Ed affected him the most. I'm pretty sure Ed took Michael's spot.

Here's my prediction for the order the guys will leave in from now on. I actually have two options. One: Reid then Kiptyn, leaving Wes and Ed in the final. Or: Wes then Reid, leaving Ed and Kiptyn in the final.

This one's a nail biter, folks!

I'm starting to think I should have called this blog "Come On Jillian dot com." Summer tv is really not worth the energy it takes to sit upright and finish a review!

But I will bring myself to review NYC Prep tonight as I mourn the hiatus of Gossip Girl!

thanks for reading!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bachelorette Recap - Why Jake Went Home...

First of all, keeping a blog about tv during the summer is pretty challenging since nothing is new except for the stuff that no one watches. If you see something I might like, pass it along!

So Monday night on the Bachelorette was a big night for Jillian and the boys. They spent the whole episode on a fancy train. I think that they did this just so that they could have a shot of one of the guys left by the side of the train tracks as the train pulled away (poor Robby). I don't know about you, but I learned two things about Jillian this week: she doesn't like younger guys, and she doesn't like guys who tell her exactly how they feel to the point of desperation. Jake poured his heart out to Jillian, who promptly sent him packing as she did when Mike did the same thing a few weeks ago. I am sad that Jake was sent home, though even I can admit that the chemistry between them that was there on their first date has definitely dwindled. I think that he is actually "too perfect" for her. She needs someone a little bit scruffier, which is why I think that Kiptyn is definitely the front runner right now. And if its not Kiptyn it would be Wes, though I can't bring myself to acknowledge the possibility that Wes could be the one that Jillian chooses.

Wes showed his true colors to the camera on Monday night by talking about how he's "already made it through 6 episodes" and he can "taste the fame." I'm really hoping that after this show is done Wes is forced to march himself back into obscurity where he belongs. He is such an asshole, but at the same time he is playing his cards perfectly. He's not giving Jillian too much which is just making her want him even more. I mean, even Chris is like "Jillian, do you think Wes is here for the wrong reasons?" read: Jillian, he's here for the wrong reasons. But no, Jillian thinks he doesn't know how to lie and definitely cares for her. She needs to get it together quick, because by the looks of the boots in the final episode, this nasty cowboy has the possibility of riding off into the sunset with Jillian in tow.

Scenes for next week look especially dramatic (which probably means that they're going to be especially anti-climactic). Jake reappears to tell Jillian that Wes is the one with the girlfriend. Why Jake doesn't say that Wes is just doing the show for his carreer is beyond me. I think that would be equally offensive to Jillian, but no, they are fixating on this possible girlfriend who may or may not exist. Its so obviously a ploy from the producers and it makes me want to scream at the tv a little bit.

I think Michael is the next to go since he is so young and its obvious that she doesn't want that in the long term. After that, we'll just have to see.

Check back tomorrow for my review of the new season of The Real World (i'm telling you, its slim pickings!)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new BFF


I was totally one of about 600 people at the Barnes and Noble in TriBeca this evening to get my copy of L.A. Candy signed by Ms. Conrad herself. I got to tell her that I was a big fan and then babble unintelligibly (is that a word?) for about 10 seconds before Sam reminded me to move along and "have a good night." (thanks, Sam).

Anyway, here's one of the best pictures I got of her before she signed my new favorite book.

Check back tomorrow for my recap of the recap of The Duel II (also known as the reunion, or time when everyone gets to have fights on the air that they would never have off the air).



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap - Come on, Jillian!

It took me a second to remember today who Jillian sent home last night. It was Mark, the most nondescript of the bunch. This of course makes my prediction about Tanner last night incorrect (its alright, i'm cool with being wrong), but I really felt like she would get rid of him after his blatant lie from last week. Also, I thought maybe at the end that Jillian was finally getting sick of Wes. Its really interesting because when I see her interact with Wes it does seem different than the other guys. It looks like she is way more into him than he is into her and he's giving her just enough bait to keep her chasing him, but in the end, he really just wants to be famous. Hopefully Jillian will catch on to this sooner rather than later. Of course, if she does end up with Wes we'll be reading about their break up in Us Weekly after like a week leaving her at square one. So, Come On, Jillian!

Ed also caused drama last night by heading out early. He said it was because he needed to get back to work and that his boss was putting pressure on him. I guess I can believe/understand work responsibility, but at the same time, Ed looked more calm and comfortable saying good bye to Jillian than he did at any other point on the show. This just makes me wonder if he was really just looking for a way out and used work as an excuse. By that same token, Jillian was all emotional about him leaving, but I think that maybe that was more about the pressure of the situation getting to her than that she felt like she could marry Ed. I definitely think that Kiptyn or Jake or even Michael are more her speed. Ed seemed much more detached and distant. Hopefully she won't be torn up about him for too long.

The dates were run-of-the mill Bachelorette dates involving jumping off of mountains and flying in planes. Michael definitely won her (me?) over last night with his hopeless-romantic-puppy-dog thing. Its obvious that he has a serious crush on her and could definitely worship the ground she walks on. He would also be really fun for her to be with. I think he would allow her to be more her "crazy" self, while Kiptyn or Jake would bring out the more serious side of her and allow her to be more grounded. The show is really just going to come down to what she values more in herself. I think it is only a matter of time before its down to those three, or at least Kiptyn, Jake and someone else. But I think that Tanner is too worried about the other guys, Robby is too young, and the rest are too boring. We'll just have to see.

Next week (and in the future...), Wes starts to show his true colors and someone can't "perform" (read: get it up) on an overnight date. This show keeps getting better!

Next up: The Duel II Reunion show. Maybe CT will try and kill Adam again. Or Jen and Rachel will make out. Either way, see you then!


p.s. if you're reading, let me know what you think. post a comment, become a follower, let me know you're out there :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Recap in the Morning

I'm going to go enjoy the rest of the show. I suggest you do the same :-)

recap tomorrow.


The Bachelorette 6/15

I'm calling it:

tonight Tanner is out, like he should have been last week.

The Bachelorette 6/15

Chris Hansen has to stop. he is way to excited about her pain and tears.

i think that Jillian is just in a really emotional place overall, which is the only reason that she is this upset about Ed.

The Bachelorette 6/15

This whole saying good bye to ed thing is totally a sign of whats to come when she actually has to lose just that she cares about. thats going to get messy.

The Bachelorette 6/15

Ed tells Jillian he has become attached to her. Is she a puppy?

I think that Ed is using the job as an excuse to leave. I don't think he's into her in the end. I think that he would use any excuse to get out. I mean, Jillian is all upset and he just looks tired.

am i in a negative mood tonight?

The Bachelorette 6/15

Jillian hits the hot tub...again.

Jillian, have you not learned your lesson about these shows and hot tubs...

here we go.

Jesse's body language is way off. he's hardly looking at her and she's like all over him and he's just leaning against the wall. Maybe he's cold. Maybe he's not that into her. I'm not really buying it Jesse. Try harder, stupid.

The Bachelorette 6/15

Quote of the Night:

Jillian on her voice: it sounds like i've been drinking whiskey since i was born.


The Bachelorette 6/15

Jesse's hesitation about whether it is too soon to be in a relationship is not so good. Also the fact that he needed to be "selfish." When someone tells you that, you run, run far. I also am not sure if you can not need to be selfish in the span of 6 months. I would definitely not give him the rose. I don't think he's ready Jillian...

The Bachelorette 6/15

I'm curious about why Jillian and Jesse did not make out more on the glacier. I would think that would be an effective way to keep warm.

That is not a date I would want to go on...too cold.

The Bachelorette 6/15

Jillian's love of the snow is kind of adorable. I wonder if she has forgotten Jesse is even really there...

The Bachelorette 6/15

They have graduated from helicopters to ski planes? This girl needs to keep her feet on the ground, it will make her life so much easier.

The Bachelorette 6/15 - Is it Ed?

Ed is not having girlfriend problems. he's having work problems. hmmm.

Jillian should just send him home now. We know its not going to be home.

and i love how Jillian is shocked whenever anyone tells her she looks nice.

The Bachelorette 6/15

i hope that Jillian is questioning if the guys are just telling her what they think she wants to hear, because all of their answers are eerily similar.

OMG for a second, I thought that Reid was selling everyone out! But then I realized he was messing around. I wonder if Jillian's heart stopped for a second too.

The Bachelorette 6/15

Ok, Jillian wants Kiptyn so bad that i think its actually unfair to the other guys.

The Bachelorette 6/15 - Wes!

Tanner totally bribed Jillian! He just wanted a rose and told her something that would force her to give him a rose. That is beyond messed up!

Tanner thinks Jillian needs to watch out for Wes, which is totally right. At least she is confronting him about being in the show for the music. I really don't believe him when he says that he's here for the "right reasons." he just doesn't seem genuine...I don't understand why she is so attracted to him. I guess its the bad guy thing...


The Bachelorette 6/15

The group date: Jillian confronts Tanner and Reed and makes out with Wes. All in a day's work, huh, Jill?

I think tonight's phrase is "right reasons." Love it.

Reid doesn't see Jillian falling in love with Robby and I don't see Jillian falling in love with Reid so it all works out.

I'm loving the guys talking about Robby being a baby. I totally agree. He looks so young. Jillian wants kids, but if she chooses Robby she'll already have one... He's even younger than me. weird.

The Bachelorette 6/15

Jillian asks Michael why he really signed up for this...


He hasn't been on a date for 8 months? I'm not sure if that's a long time or not. But he's really self-depricating and cute. I'm really intrigued by him and he makes me go "aww."

So, Jillian, the rose?

Yes, Michael, the rose. he was so excited and happy! He's really cute with his little puppy crush.

The Bachelorette 6/15


Tanner? Seriously?

I'm confused...

The Bachelorette 6/15

Can Michael be serious? We shall see... I'm very curious to see if he gets the rose...

The waiter is teaching them how to "savor"? That's what she said?

The Bachelorette 6/15

I'm really wondering what this "everything" is that Jillian threw away and isn't sure if she'll get back...

The Bachelorette 6/15 -

I can't understand why Michael thinks he likes her more than the other guys. He has not even had a full conversation with her. I mean, talk about full on jealousy! He's just pissed that he hasn't gotten to chat with her.

And now he's pissed that he has to go freakin' ziplining to impress her! Jillian's all about it and Michael is like, "you're not serious!" Though he does take it like a champ and manages to make a metaphor about love in the process. Nice work!

Oh Jillian, You do not want to feel 19 for the rest of your life. You can't even drink when you're 19 and how are you going to get through this process if you can't have your white wine?

The Bachelorette 6/15 - 8:08

Whistler is really pretty, even though i'm not a snow person. And I would totally stay in that hotel.

I love that the guys are starting to get jealous of the the other guys and Jillian. Its totally normal but still, it makes this show a little bit more ridiculous.

P.S. did I not call that Michael would be on a one-on-one this evening? I'm not sure what that says about me...

The Bachelorette 6/15 - Last week on...

So everyone went to Vancouver last week and Kiptyn pulled into the lead and David made himself look like a freakin' idiot. Then Jillian sent Mike home because he was talking like a desperate puppy. Mark wasn't much better...but between the two, I guess he was the better one...

Then no one fessed up to having a girlfriend but Jillian still sent Juan and David home. Her best choice so far!

So lets find out what happens this week...

Hair: Show It, Flow It

I took my mom to see Hair for her birthday yesterday, thinking that it would probably be a little bit risque/eye-cringing seeing the show next to your mom, but honestly, not as awkward as I would have thought. I was expecting more nudity, more orgies, and way more drug use. That said, the lyrics and simulated sex made me wish I was somewhere on the other side of the theatre, but I think the show has definitely been toned down since the 60s. There was only like 10 seconds of nudity in the near-dark right at the end of the first act. My mom said that the first time she saw this show (with my grandmother, her mother-in-law ::cringe::) there were literally naked people climbing over the scenery. None of that on Broadway this time though.

I really enjoyed the show overall, though it was not at all what I was expecting. I don't really know what I was expecting since I knew very little about the show going in. At its heart, I think that the show is a story about friendship and how friends were torn apart by the draft and the Vietnam War in general. The cast did a really amazing job of showing these friendships and how deeply the hippies were able to care about each other.

I also was not expecting the depth in the character of Claude and the sadness and conflict that follows the character through the show right to the end. He is definitely the most developed character, probably intentionally, but I really felt like he was really heartbreaking and I kept waiting for him to come back to the front of the stage. Whether that is a testament to the show or the actor, I'm not sure, but either way, Nice Work, Gavin Creel.

The whole cast was really amazing and I totally respect the amount of energy they have to have to do a show like that. The "tribe" literally never leaves the stage for more than a few seconds, and when they're on stage their constantly moving and changing position or dancing and singing. It was really incredible to see them on stage and running out into the audience playing with people's hair. Really unlike anything I've seen before (p.s. if you're wondering where Lea Michelle is keeping herself this summer, I think she's in the tribe of Hair. Either that, or her twin is running around on that stage! it was creepy).

So, I did enjoy the show a lot. I think that it was also really relevant to today's time in that the youth of today are very much the opposite of the hippies. Students are not rising up to protest the way that they did in the 60s. Seeing Hair really makes me wonder what would happen if there were hippies today the way that they were in the 60s. Do we just know too much now to be that idealistic?

On a much less serious note, I'm live blogging The Bachelorette tonight. Hope you stop by.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colbert Goes to Iraq

I'm not the biggest fan of Stephen Colbert, I am much more on Team Stewart, but when I found out that Colbert was going to be broadcasting for a week from Iraq, I was intrigued. Could this be the event that changed my mind about him? Would I finally gain some respect for the man/blowhard character? After finally finishing all four episodes on my DVR, I have to say that the answer to those questions is "not really..." I still don't really get him or the appeal, but at the same time, I do appreciate what he did during his week in Iraq.

The show was clearly designed for the troops in the audience (and i'm still trying to figure out how they got tickets...). He utilized all of his segments like "the word" and "tip of the hat, wag of the finger." I felt like he was trying really hard to be even more of his character because that is obviously what the troops wanted to see. While they couldn't really discuss current news because they were taping three days ahead of the broadcast day, they might not have discussed current news away. The closest that Colbert came to the current news was to continually parellel how well Iraq is doing in rebuilding and what a crappy job the U.S. is doing at home. He made many comments about how when the troops were done with their work in Iraq they would be well prepared to handle the situation back home. I thought this was a very clever contrast.

It was obvious though that the week was about two things: putting on a good show for the troops and showing the rest of America that he could put on his show from a war zone. Honestly, him and his staff were almost technically flawless this week. A major feat when they only had about half of their normal staff members and technology. I was really impressed by how seamless everything was.

Some highlights for me were definitely the Tom Hanks/Stephen Colbert care package involving a puppy, ice cream, and an ice sculpture shaped like a puppy eating ice cream. The segment was very cute, and it made me love Tom Hanks even more. In that same vein, I really enjoyed all of the shout outs from the politicians. Except for Sarah Palin who has had way too much exposure this week with the whole Letterman thing, but anyway.

I also really enjoyed Colbert's flight in the fighter plane. Usually I'm not a fan of watching people vomit into paper/plastic bags, but for some reason I was in total hysterics when Colbert was flipping around in that plane losing his lunch. You could tell that he literally looked at his producer and said, "I'd probably vomit if I went up in one of those planes...lets do it!" And he did, and it totally worked.

At the end of the day (week?), Colbert did not really change my opinion about him. I don't feel like I'm going to enjoy watching his show anymore next week than I did the week before this one. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, its just the last thing I turn to when I've watched everything else available to me on the DVR. That said, his support for the troops was very real and I appreciated it a lot. Also, the last moment of the last show, when he thanked his crew was very touching as were his last words to the troops. Something along the lines of "to say thank you would be insufficient and to say holy sh*t would be inappropriate." Very true and actually very honest and well said. I guess that now, while I still don't love him, I do have a little bit more respect for him.

So, Sir Dr. Colbert, I tip my hat to you.


Friday, June 12, 2009

The Duel II Comes to a Close

I realize I might be the only person over the age of 17 to still watch The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. But I've been watching this nonsense since the first season of Road Rules when Mark was the right age to be on the show (instead of 45) and the challenges were just a glint in the producers eyes as they tried to think of what could possibly get these people to come back every six months to be on tv. But then they realized that the answer was right in front of them: these fame sluts just want to be on tv, and the hundred thou at the end doesn't hurt things either.

So we've been through many incarnations of this show over the years with lots of different characters. There was of course "The Miz" and Coral who wreaked havoc on the cast for like 8 years before FINALLY riding off into the sunset. There was crazy Beth who was literally just there so people knew her name. No one liked her: not in the house, not at home. Really the list goes on: Paula, Tanya, CT and on and on and on. These kids (grown ups) are totally insane and complete and total attention/media/fame whores who refuse to grow up, get real jobs, and stop thinking they can win a challenge once every two years and call it a life! Anyway, the bottom line is, I watch the show every week and so now I'm going to write about it because something in me cannot turn my head from the train wreck.

The final episode on the Duel II began with the resolution of last week's cliffhanger: who will win the duel, Tori or Aneesa? Of course Aneesa won, and not just because she looks like she could literally snap Tori in half with her pinky finger, but also because Aneesa always wins the duels and then huffs and puffs her way through the final challenge, but more on that later.

After Tori and Aneesa dueled it out, Brad and MJ were up. Brad annihilated MJ on Duel Pole Dancing and had to really kiss Tori good bye as he prepared for the final race. But not so fast everyone, TJ has a surprise for you!

When TJ came to the house to give everyone the news about the final and announced that they were the final 8, I thought it was totally hilarious when Diem got all excited. I want to say to her, "Honey, we all know this is not that easy so you better sit down and listen to what is actually going on here." And of course TJ says there's going to be another Duel. And Diem was OF COURSE shocked that the other three girls voted her in. That was crazy to me. It was obvious that she was not part of their alliance and they did not want her in the final, so Diem took Brittini into the Duel and got her ass handed to her by someone who deserved to be there way more. Go Britt.

Unfortunately Brittini's partner was not so lucky. Poor Landon got the shaft in the end when all of the boys voted him in. Though he took Brad, apparently Landon was not paying close enough attention to the rules of his Duel game, thinking that he probably would never face a Duel since he was a machine this whole time. Instead he turned Back Off into a wrestling match allowing Brad to beat him at the last second. It was great to watch, but Landon totally deserved to win the $100,000. Definitely not Evan, who did end up taking the prize at the end.

So Evan, who was a total ass from start to finish won 1st place, as did Rachel. Rachel at least belonged there, Evan won by pure blind luck. Brittini and Brad took second and Mark and Aneesa were third. I have to say though, the best line of the episode was when Aneesa said something to the effect of "if I ever come back and do another one of these, I'm going to get myself in shape first and leave my cigarettes and home!" I was like, "sweetie, this is not your first time here. Shouldn't you know this already?" But I guess not, so poor Mark ended up forfeiting his chances at the end by basically caring her bikini-clad ass up the hill. I think he definitely got the second shortest end of the stick, after Landon.

Now the challenge is over so Wednesday tv nights are free again until ANTM comes back!

thanks for reading.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dawson's Creek Episode One

I know what you're thinking: "Dawson's Creek was on tonight and I missed it?! Curse my DVR!" But no, just me, sitting at home feeling nostalgic, decided to put in the first disc of the first season of Dawson's Creek and enjoy what I used to consider "classic television."

So I went back. Back to the days before Katie Holmes had Tom Cruise and a celebrity nickname, before Michelle Williams had Brokeback Mountain and a daughter named for my favorite Roald Dahl character, even before Joshua Jackson had Fringe, and James Van der Beek had oblivion and obsurity (poor James!). Dawson's Creek carried me through high school. It was around before the advent of reality tv. When The Real World was real and Fear Factor wasn't even a twinkle in some sadistic producer's eye. After watching the pilot episode of Dawson's Creek, I can't think of a single show that came after this in the same vein, none as good anyway. I mean, true, I am older now and not really in the habit of watching teen dramas (oh wait, i guess Gossip Girl counts...) but even still, to me, Dawson's Creek stands in a class of its own.

In the pilot our four main characters explore the beginnings of their sexual awakenings and what happens when boys and girls can't sleep in the same bed anymore because of their "breasts" and "genatalia." The writing on the show used to be criticized for being to far beyond how real teenagers talk. When I first started watching the show I didn't really see a problem. But now, after hearing the words transcendent and existential in the first five minutes, I wonder how any of us got through the episodes at all.

Another thing I noticed is that these kids are total nerds. Of course, this is probably why I related to deeply to the show as I myself was a big nerd in high school, but seriously! Dawson thinks that the mysteries of the universe are revealed in Spielberg movies and reveals to anyone who will listen about his lifes goals, dreams and fears. Even Jen, the fresh-and-new face from New York who he unloads on within a day of meeting her. This is where the show got a little bit too self aware for me and too expositional (did I just make up a word?)

And then there is Joey's constant need to connect everything that Dawson does back to his "perfect life." The two have a huge screaming match in the lobby of a movie theatre that is not about the fact that she is hopelessly in love with him, but that he has a perfect life? Way to lash out, Joey. You really showed him.

Though Joey does attempt the last word when, while explaining to Dawson why they can't be friends anymore asks him how often he "walks his dog," which is potentially the best euphemism for masterbation ever, but anyway. He can't answer causing Joey to run crying to her rowboat (which, incidentally was pulled by a rope because Katie Holmes was too weak to row herself down the creek) and fumble with the ropes to float off into the night. And then we hear Dawson, deliver the best line of the episode: "Joey! Usually in the mornings, with Katie Couric!" And the first time I heard it, I had the same moment of confusion as Joey, until I too broke into a tear filled smile. Tonight I just giggled a little bit at the memory.

As you can see, there was nothing on tv tonight, so I had to let my nostalgia get the best of me. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.


Bachelorette Recap! - What are the "wrong reasons"?

Last night was a pretty standard Bachelorette Episode. Mike, David and Juan were sent home. I think Mike was the biggest upset of the night, but at the same time, he was really laying it on thick, where Mark seemed to be taking things a little slower on their two on one date (still sounds dirty when I say it). Lest we forget that Mike was the one who put on a speedo and ran into the ocean all for a rose. I think he was there for the "wrong reasons." That reason being: attention. He was trying way too hard.

Can we talk about "wrong reasons" for a second? That phrase was this week's "Man Code." These guys have got to learn how to rephrase themselves. It is so obvious to everyone that Wes is there for these so called "wrong reasons." Jillian herself should have realized this when Wes sang his ridiculous song twice in a row for her to show how much "he cared." Also, just to make sure that the camera man caught the whole thing the first time. I mean, come on! I get that girls like bad boys, but this is ridiculous. He even gets less attractive the more we see him. Wake up, Jillian, he's using you for fame. This is a "wrong reason."

Another wrong reason is to want to date a girl for her feet. Which brings us to Tanner, who managed to keep feet (the word and Jillian's) out of his mouth for the entire 2 hours of the episode. Instead he had other boys names in his mouth, or at least on the tip of his tongue. After that little show to Jillian about "some people" he literally looked like he might pass out during the rose ceremony. It sucked that no one fessed up in the end. Maybe Tanner made it all up? He doesn't necessarily seem that bright... I thought he would be going home for sure since that is usually what happens when someone rats out the rest of the boys/girls. But no, Jillian wised up and sent David and Juan home. David for being angry and disrepectful, and Juan for being fake/slightly gay? Either way, the two of them needed to go at some point, so i'm glad that she did that.

There were some good guys last night though. Kiptyn is a definite front runner after Jake. Though I think Jake went down in Jillian's esteem last night when he got too hung up on the fact that he is "too perfect." I still think that Jake and Kiptyn will be there until the end, but Jake really needs to chill out and be a little more confident in his correctness for Jillian.

Other possible front runners are definitely Robby, Michael, and Reed. I say this only because, these are the names I remember this morning. Also, they're cute and Jillian seems to be entertained by them. Of course, If you look closely, I may have just named all the remaining guys, which would mean Jillian has one hell of a choice. Glad I'm not in her shoes (unless their the red boots from her date with Jake, in which case I'd LOVE to be in her shoes!)

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bachelorette 6.8

I'm off for the night.

Full recap in the morning.



Bachelorette 6.8

Why is she thanking them? They didn't give her any information! WTF!

Reed with glasses is better than Reed with no glasses :-)

Oh Michael. I'm almost rooting for him.

Yay Jake!

TANNER!? I was SO not expecting that at all!!!

There is something so poetic about Juan and David being sent home on the same day! love it.

I don't know why David thinks someone did this to him. He threw himself under the bus.

Bachelorette 6.8 - the confrontation!

These dude are pussies. and i don't use that word lightly.

And Jake steps up, sadly he looks very short while doing it...

There is some serious language rolling around this show. I love when they all try and look manly.

Tanner looks like he might faint. Oh lord!

Oh David and his man code!

Bachelorette 6.8

I wish that chris wasn't so smug... he's such an ass.

I hope she's not heartbroken about someone who could be that much of a jackass.

Bachelorette 6.8

boys got punished. good work, jillian.

Bachelorette 6.8

Ok good, Tanner P is going to lay it out.

Hopefully he can keep his eyes off her feet long enough to tell her whats up.


I'm so glad that he told her. He's redeemed himself a little bit.

Bachelorette 6.8 - Jake again!

Jake! Nothing has cooled! Calm Down!!

He's making a really big deal about this. Is this really him? He is almost seeming fake a little bit.

I don't know what to make of him right now...

Bachelorette 6.8 - Wes


Hey guys, why can't we know what Wes has been saying?


I really hope that the guys call him out. He's awful. did i say that already?

Bachelorette 6.8

I hope Reed does not bad mouth the other Wes. While Wes is awful, Reed will look worse if he tells on him.

Bachelorette 6.8

So why did she send him home? if he's so sweet and nice?

ah, the cliche...good work, jillian. he is the one who is "too perfect" not Jake.

Bachelorette 6.8

Mark is totally right. Jillian is completely supposed to be selfish right now. SO selfish!

and on that note, the rose goes to...


Holy jesus!!!

i knew he was too desperate. Sometimes its just too much.

poor mike...

Bachelorette 6.8 - big risk big rewards

Mike seems desperate.

That's all.

Bachelorette 6.8

I think that Jillian needs to know that her future husband is not one of these two guys. And that will not change regardless of who she gives the rose to.

Bachelorette 6.8 -

Mike is kind of out there. He is like refusing to go home.

Why is Mark saying that he wants to move to Alaska with his new dog? That is not cute to a girl looking for love.

Someone should tell him...

Bachelorette 6.8 - helicopter again?

Seriously? Another helicopter? She should just buy one...

Mike is playing dirty, and I like it. And he doesn't feel bad about making mark play third wheel. He's just lie-telling.

Bachelorette 6.8

David? Gentleman? Good Luck.

Note to David: Stop talking about Jillian's ass. You are too comfortable. Don't call her breasts tits.

This is why she won't kiss you back.

Note to Jillian: He is disrespecting you. He needs to move along. You don't need to justify yourself to him.

Why is he so confident? Dick!

And why does he think she's into him?

He is so a "no-means-yes" guy.

Bachelorette 6.8

i love watching the first kisses. so awkward/cute! the boys look like nervous teenagers!

and...david needs to stop giving Jake advice. that's nonsense.

Bachelorette 6.8


He seems like such a nice guy! (she needs to fix her shirt...)

I love that he's willing to let her just explore a little bit. Though his exes thought he was perfect? he isn't? is he going to tell her why?

Is it really a curse to be too perfect? I don't know what to make of that...

Bachelorette 6.8

pop the champagne! i wonder how many bottles are consumed per season on this show...

I want a crab dumped on my table. LOVE IT!

Bachelorette 6.8

What is it with this show and helicopters?

Bachelorette 6.8

Michael is going on a one on one next week. calling it now.

Bachelorette 6.8

Robby's got "the secret."

and michael looks like my ex. not a fan.

Bachelorette 6.8

Curling is a weird game...what is the point of sweeping the ice? seriously? anyone?

Bachelorette 6.8

Curling for Jillian's attention? nice.

and I love how she is like, i'm sad I have to do this. Sweetie, you are so obviously not in control of this!

Bachelorette 6.8

Vancouver's pretty!

Bachelorette 6.8

Kiptyn's date is rivaling Jake's. uh oh! If I'm confused, I don't want to be her.

Bachelorette 6.8

Is that seriously Jillian's deck/sunroom? I hate/love her more.

Bachelorette 6.8

IF this were real life, Jillian and Kiptyn would be doing it

Bachelorette 6.8

You don't have to go after girls when you look like Kiptyn.

Bachelorette 6.8

This show is really 2 hours long...oy.

Its great the Kiptyn complemented Jillian's designs, since she is an interior decorator!

Cooking Dinner together is a skill. Especially if you're me and you're a control freak.

And Jillian is already drunk. Good work!

Bachelorette 6.8

I think that Kiptyn is right. He and Jillian do seem like they could be good friends...who make out.

Bachelorette 6.8

I love the jacket that Jillian was wearing when she an Kiptyn met up. She wore it on the Bachelor and i think it looks great on her!

Can we briefly discuss how these people are supposed to fall in love after essentially one date...hmmm.

I HEART kayak kissing!!!

I think Juan is right about David. If he left the house everything would be a little bit happier.

Also, Jake is totally the man for Jillian. Okay, I'll stop now.

The Bachelorette 6.8

We seem to be off to a decent start. I'm still enjoying Jake, even though theyre making it seem like he might not get the rose. That's crap, but as i've said: NO CONTEST.

Anyway, I'm excited to see Jillian and Kiptyn one on one. And I like that he seems like a good guy. I think she's been into him since the beginning.

We'll See!!

Bachelorette 6.8

Jake thinks that Jillian is looking for a nice guy...and yet Wes is still there...

Bachelorette 6.8 - hot tub

If one more person mentions a hot tub...leave the poor girl alone. She was obviously wasted and felt the need to straddle Jason...we've all been there.

The Bachelorette 6.8

2 on 1 date...sounds dirty!

and why are we excited to go to Vancouver? its cold there...

Tonight! On the Bachelorette!

And Chris recaps the episode for the first 10 minutes (no wonder this show is 2 hours every week!)

Um, I totally forgot about Brad's awkward kiss at the film set. GROSS

and speaking of gross...


I forgot about Kiptyn! he's definitely a front runner!

Last Week on The Bachelorette!

Last week was all about David's obsession with man-code and kicking Juan's ass while Tanner P continued his nastiness involving Jillian's feet (I'm still trying not to vomit when I think about it...blech!). I keep thinking about poor Jillian in all of this. She's going to watch this back one day (or, tonight like the rest of us) and be totally disgusted by what some of the guys were doing/saying while they were on the show. Of course, she'll be married to Jake by then, so none of this nonsense will really matter.

Jake was totally cut out of the tv frame last week. I'm pretty sure that the producers are trying to shake us off the scent since he and Jillian had the best date ever the week before (I'm still trying to find a way to get her red boots from that episode shipped to me from Aldo Canada, but no luck yet). I know that she's going to pick Jake at the end because the rest of the guys are total idiots. There is literally no contest, which is why the producers are just hiding Jake away until, like, 3 weeks from the end until we're down to just him and whatever other idiot is still left. God, I'm excited.

This week its going to be revealed that some of the guys have girlfriends! ::GASP:: And in the preview Jake gets all huffy and says that the guys need to "fess up, because he's here for Jillian..." Or something heroic like that. I love him. Did I mention?

So we'll just have to see this week. I'm hoping for Tanner P and David's exit, but I have a feeling the producers, I mean Jillian, will keep them both around for a few more weeks at least, just for the drama.

See you during the show!


Welcome to Talking to the TV

Hello All!

Last night while watching the Tony's and reading the live blogs and status updates on facebook, twitter, and the new york times (yes, all at the same time) I decided to join the fun. So for all of you getting my updates on your newsfeed last night, I apologize. Thankfully, I've created a new forum for myself.

My plan for this blog is to live blog my favorite tv shows. This will probably be challenging over the summer when all of my shows are on hiatus (bastards!), but it will also be great practice and allow me to flex my writing muscles for the fall.

So I hope that you'll allow me to share my ramblings with you through episodes of Law and Order, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, and everything else that can hold my attention for 30-60 minutes. If not, you know I'm having fun.

See you tonight at 8 for The Bachelorette!