Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette 6/15 -

I can't understand why Michael thinks he likes her more than the other guys. He has not even had a full conversation with her. I mean, talk about full on jealousy! He's just pissed that he hasn't gotten to chat with her.

And now he's pissed that he has to go freakin' ziplining to impress her! Jillian's all about it and Michael is like, "you're not serious!" Though he does take it like a champ and manages to make a metaphor about love in the process. Nice work!

Oh Jillian, You do not want to feel 19 for the rest of your life. You can't even drink when you're 19 and how are you going to get through this process if you can't have your white wine?

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