Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bachelorette Recap - Come on, Jillian!

It took me a second to remember today who Jillian sent home last night. It was Mark, the most nondescript of the bunch. This of course makes my prediction about Tanner last night incorrect (its alright, i'm cool with being wrong), but I really felt like she would get rid of him after his blatant lie from last week. Also, I thought maybe at the end that Jillian was finally getting sick of Wes. Its really interesting because when I see her interact with Wes it does seem different than the other guys. It looks like she is way more into him than he is into her and he's giving her just enough bait to keep her chasing him, but in the end, he really just wants to be famous. Hopefully Jillian will catch on to this sooner rather than later. Of course, if she does end up with Wes we'll be reading about their break up in Us Weekly after like a week leaving her at square one. So, Come On, Jillian!

Ed also caused drama last night by heading out early. He said it was because he needed to get back to work and that his boss was putting pressure on him. I guess I can believe/understand work responsibility, but at the same time, Ed looked more calm and comfortable saying good bye to Jillian than he did at any other point on the show. This just makes me wonder if he was really just looking for a way out and used work as an excuse. By that same token, Jillian was all emotional about him leaving, but I think that maybe that was more about the pressure of the situation getting to her than that she felt like she could marry Ed. I definitely think that Kiptyn or Jake or even Michael are more her speed. Ed seemed much more detached and distant. Hopefully she won't be torn up about him for too long.

The dates were run-of-the mill Bachelorette dates involving jumping off of mountains and flying in planes. Michael definitely won her (me?) over last night with his hopeless-romantic-puppy-dog thing. Its obvious that he has a serious crush on her and could definitely worship the ground she walks on. He would also be really fun for her to be with. I think he would allow her to be more her "crazy" self, while Kiptyn or Jake would bring out the more serious side of her and allow her to be more grounded. The show is really just going to come down to what she values more in herself. I think it is only a matter of time before its down to those three, or at least Kiptyn, Jake and someone else. But I think that Tanner is too worried about the other guys, Robby is too young, and the rest are too boring. We'll just have to see.

Next week (and in the future...), Wes starts to show his true colors and someone can't "perform" (read: get it up) on an overnight date. This show keeps getting better!

Next up: The Duel II Reunion show. Maybe CT will try and kill Adam again. Or Jen and Rachel will make out. Either way, see you then!


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