Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Week on The Bachelorette!

Last week was all about David's obsession with man-code and kicking Juan's ass while Tanner P continued his nastiness involving Jillian's feet (I'm still trying not to vomit when I think about it...blech!). I keep thinking about poor Jillian in all of this. She's going to watch this back one day (or, tonight like the rest of us) and be totally disgusted by what some of the guys were doing/saying while they were on the show. Of course, she'll be married to Jake by then, so none of this nonsense will really matter.

Jake was totally cut out of the tv frame last week. I'm pretty sure that the producers are trying to shake us off the scent since he and Jillian had the best date ever the week before (I'm still trying to find a way to get her red boots from that episode shipped to me from Aldo Canada, but no luck yet). I know that she's going to pick Jake at the end because the rest of the guys are total idiots. There is literally no contest, which is why the producers are just hiding Jake away until, like, 3 weeks from the end until we're down to just him and whatever other idiot is still left. God, I'm excited.

This week its going to be revealed that some of the guys have girlfriends! ::GASP:: And in the preview Jake gets all huffy and says that the guys need to "fess up, because he's here for Jillian..." Or something heroic like that. I love him. Did I mention?

So we'll just have to see this week. I'm hoping for Tanner P and David's exit, but I have a feeling the producers, I mean Jillian, will keep them both around for a few more weeks at least, just for the drama.

See you during the show!


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