Friday, June 12, 2009

The Duel II Comes to a Close

I realize I might be the only person over the age of 17 to still watch The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. But I've been watching this nonsense since the first season of Road Rules when Mark was the right age to be on the show (instead of 45) and the challenges were just a glint in the producers eyes as they tried to think of what could possibly get these people to come back every six months to be on tv. But then they realized that the answer was right in front of them: these fame sluts just want to be on tv, and the hundred thou at the end doesn't hurt things either.

So we've been through many incarnations of this show over the years with lots of different characters. There was of course "The Miz" and Coral who wreaked havoc on the cast for like 8 years before FINALLY riding off into the sunset. There was crazy Beth who was literally just there so people knew her name. No one liked her: not in the house, not at home. Really the list goes on: Paula, Tanya, CT and on and on and on. These kids (grown ups) are totally insane and complete and total attention/media/fame whores who refuse to grow up, get real jobs, and stop thinking they can win a challenge once every two years and call it a life! Anyway, the bottom line is, I watch the show every week and so now I'm going to write about it because something in me cannot turn my head from the train wreck.

The final episode on the Duel II began with the resolution of last week's cliffhanger: who will win the duel, Tori or Aneesa? Of course Aneesa won, and not just because she looks like she could literally snap Tori in half with her pinky finger, but also because Aneesa always wins the duels and then huffs and puffs her way through the final challenge, but more on that later.

After Tori and Aneesa dueled it out, Brad and MJ were up. Brad annihilated MJ on Duel Pole Dancing and had to really kiss Tori good bye as he prepared for the final race. But not so fast everyone, TJ has a surprise for you!

When TJ came to the house to give everyone the news about the final and announced that they were the final 8, I thought it was totally hilarious when Diem got all excited. I want to say to her, "Honey, we all know this is not that easy so you better sit down and listen to what is actually going on here." And of course TJ says there's going to be another Duel. And Diem was OF COURSE shocked that the other three girls voted her in. That was crazy to me. It was obvious that she was not part of their alliance and they did not want her in the final, so Diem took Brittini into the Duel and got her ass handed to her by someone who deserved to be there way more. Go Britt.

Unfortunately Brittini's partner was not so lucky. Poor Landon got the shaft in the end when all of the boys voted him in. Though he took Brad, apparently Landon was not paying close enough attention to the rules of his Duel game, thinking that he probably would never face a Duel since he was a machine this whole time. Instead he turned Back Off into a wrestling match allowing Brad to beat him at the last second. It was great to watch, but Landon totally deserved to win the $100,000. Definitely not Evan, who did end up taking the prize at the end.

So Evan, who was a total ass from start to finish won 1st place, as did Rachel. Rachel at least belonged there, Evan won by pure blind luck. Brittini and Brad took second and Mark and Aneesa were third. I have to say though, the best line of the episode was when Aneesa said something to the effect of "if I ever come back and do another one of these, I'm going to get myself in shape first and leave my cigarettes and home!" I was like, "sweetie, this is not your first time here. Shouldn't you know this already?" But I guess not, so poor Mark ended up forfeiting his chances at the end by basically caring her bikini-clad ass up the hill. I think he definitely got the second shortest end of the stick, after Landon.

Now the challenge is over so Wednesday tv nights are free again until ANTM comes back!

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